Sunday, August 28, 2011

That post where I used the word "menstruated."

I don't need to say that I am the only daughter in my family, because the two people who read my blog already know that. So they could probably guess that the idea of moving away from two younger brothers into a space with three other girls made me pretty apprehensive. Based on past girls' camp experiences, I was sure it would take less than a week before the estrogen wafting from our rooms would drive me to some kind of breakdown.

But guess what? It's been over a week, and I am getting along beautifully with my wonderful roommates. There hasn't been lick of tension, and I happen to know two of us have already menstruated. It is different, though. Among my observations:

-There is hair EVERYWHERE. Looong hair. On the rug. On the bathroom counter. Everywhere. And not brown hair, like I'm used to. Blonde hair. Between my toes after I stand on the bathmat. Too graphic? Let's move on.

-The trashcans fill up very quickly. The reason I think this is different than with boys is because a disturbingly high percentage of boy trash does not make it to the trashcan.

-The toilet paper disappears even faster than the trashcans fill up. It took me a good amount of contemplation in the bathroom before I realized why me and one other girl go through a roll so much faster than me and two boys. Duh.

-When a girl says, "My room stinks," what she means is, "My room doesn't smell like perfume."

-Girls do this weird thing where they go in their rooms and are quiet for extended amounts of time. No one yells, no one wrestles. It's like a freaking zen garden up in here. It would be eerie if it wasn't so sheerly amazing.

-Everyone is willing to admit they have feelings. They just say it without any shame: "I want my mom," "I'm freaking out," "I cried today." And when they cry, they don't mind if you notice. It's bizarre.

There is more, but I need to snag the bathroom before someone else does. Girls take twice as long in the bathroom. It's probably because we wash our hands. Then I'll probably check on my roommates and make sure they're not dead, because I'm still not convinced it should be this quiet right before bedtime. I love my life.

"Female jealousy is an evolutionary fact, Lemon. If you try to breed it out of them, you wind up with a lesbian with hip dysplasia." --Jack

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