Saturday, August 27, 2011

You are tiny, like an Asian.

Sometimes what makes your day special is the quantity of quirky encounters you had that day. Sometimes, it is just the quality of one or two small, silly things that happened. But once in a while, we are blessed with both quality and quantity of truly bizarre events in a 24-hour period. Like yesterday, for me.

(Also, I am not a fan of the long blog. But I couldn't really help it on this one. I'm sorry.)

Before I start, though, you must know how many Asians there are up here on campus. I am not being a racist. There are just so, so many. Most of them are exchange students here for a few months, being sponsored by their government to learn skills at American universities. They come from Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea. They are all very sweet and cute. And so numerous. It is not an uncommon occurrence for me to get on a mostly empty shuttle that will immediately fill with exchange student after exchange student, leaving me the only white person there. It's just such a bizarre feeling after four years of living in northern Utah. Anyway.

Yesterday, at a shuttle stop, a very nice Asian guy came over to ask me a question about the shuttle system. I helped him out and told him to just follow me because I was headed to the same place. We started talking a little, and then, out of the blue...

Jeffrey: Why are your eyes a weird color?
Me: Um. I don't know. (pause) Because my mom's eyes are blue and my dad's are brown?
Jeffrey: I see. That's weird.

He was very nice. He was from Taiwan. He's headed back in a week to study international business.

A few hours later I decided to take the bus to Smith's for some groceries, and another very sweet Asian student sat next to me. She looked like she was sixteen. I introduced myself, and she immediately said...

Ann: You are tiny, like an Asian!
Me: I know.
Ann: How old are you?
Me: I'm eighteen.
Ann: Oh, really? I would have guessed 25! It's so hard to tell with Americans!
Me: How old are you?
Ann: You guess my age.
Me: Jeez. 21?
Ann: (Giggles) I am 28! I am ten years older than you!

She was also adorable. She's from Thailand and is studying English until December. We exchanged numbers so I could help her practice her English.

I got off the bus a couple blocks later, and waited at a crosswalk. I clicked the little walk button like a law-abiding citizen does, but as I waited, an old lady on the other side of the street just started crossing. JUST STARTED CROSSING. SIX LANES OF TRAFFIC. AND TRAX TRACKS. WHILE THE TRAFFIC HAD A GREEN LIGHT. I watched in terror and awe as she stopped between each lane to let a car go and then go for it herself. She must have seen me staring, because when she made it to my side, she bestowed upon me these words of wisdom:

"Someday when you're older, you'll have the balls to do that, too."

I can only hope, old lady. I can only hope.

Then, I saw a man in a long, black cape.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, until my roommate (who I love very, very much) came home tipsy from a frat party...

Me: I need to find Lucy.
Unnamed roommate: Lucy?? (hysterical laughter)

And with that, I went to bed.

Two quotes for tonight:

"A drinking contest? What am I, twelve and at my boyfriend's frat party?" --Jenna

"She said she was seventeen, but then she said her last boyfriend was Asian and that crap doesn't start til college." --Dennis Duffy

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  1. Maggie, Your college adventure seems to be off to an exciting start so far. Your posts make me smile. Thanks for sharing your stories!