Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boys: read no further.

Any guys who read this, which is probably not many, should stop here. It's gonna get pretty girly.

Well, I warned you.

It's hard to have a good attitude during that "visit from Aunt Flow," seeing as it is one of nature's most frustrating events and also happens to be accompanied by a tidal wave of rage hormones. But today that all changes. I have done my best to come up with a bunch of reasons periods don't suck that bad.

-They provide you with an appropriate time to take a bunch of pills and pass out on your bed.
-You have to eat more. You just do. It's not like you want to, you just have to.
-You can completely break down in tears and then say, "Sorry. It's just that time of the month."
-You can smash a plate against the wall and then say, "Sorry. It's just that time of month."
-You can do things like tell your brother you need the bathroom first, and when he asks why you can point to the cupboard with the tampons and watch him squirm.
-The time spent in the bathroom being sick to your stomach can also be used for lots of things, like thinking of lists of reasons why periods don't suck that bad.
-You can do this fun thing I do sometimes where I buy a different color of pad the month before and then forget what color it was, so it's a fun surprise when I take them out.

And that's enough of that. Excuse me while I go smash a plate against the wall.

"I'm in the middle of a RAGING period.... of economic turmoil."   --Jack

*Note: My mom asked me if I find my 30 Rock quote first and then write the blog, and the answer is no. There truly is a 30 Rock quote for every occasion. 

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