Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who put a couch in here?

I am not a very big person. So, my bladder is also not really big. So, I go to the bathroom a lot. So, I have seen a lot of campus ladies' rooms. And I've noticed something great: they are all really interesting. They have weird furniture, weird signs, weird windows, and weird grime. I am certainly no photographer, but every time I visit the restroom I wish I had a camera.

I was thinking about this last night, so before I went to bed I threw my camera into my bag to take to class this morning. It worked out really well because I had to sprint to the restroom after a long movie about westward expansion, so I got a few shots in. Then I took some pictures of the restroom.

Again, not a photographer. Not even one of those hipster kids who pretends to be a photographer and really just has Photoshop. Just messing with a cheap point-and-shoot and iPhoto. If I were an artist, I might say something like, "I just want to draw attention to the details in the things we see every day and don't necessarily consider beautiful."

But I am not an artist, and so I'm going to say something like, "Bathrooms are weird."

Grime on the hinge of an out-of-order tampon dispenser in the AEB.

This is the sign outside that door. The walls in that building are all cement like that, which is actually very cool.
This couch is in a tiny room just outside the ladies' bathroom in the JWB. 

"I didn't get a bathroom door that looks like a wall by being bad at business." --Jack

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