Saturday, October 1, 2011

Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles.

I'm on a list binge, I guess.

All the time I'll find myself saying seeing something and saying, "That is one of my FAVORITE things." I finally decided to start writing them down. So if I were Oprah, and you picked up a copy of O Magazine, and you opened up to the favorite things page, here is some of what you would find:

-Little boys with spiked hair.
-Kids wearing dress up clothes in public.
-When people on SNL can't keep it together.
-Getting on Facebook and having 1 new friend request, 1 new message, and 1 new notification.
-Lady park rangers. Actually, all park rangers. Ladies are just especially adorable.
-Little kids in glasses.
-Men who look terrifying but are really nice.
-Dogs who look terrifying but are really nice.
-Making a to-do list of things I've already done, and checking each item off the list.
-General authorities with accents.
-Junior high girls who look super awkward, but you can tell will be gorgeous in, like, three years.
-Couples where the lady is taller.

There will definitely be more.

"I love foxy boxing. It combines two of my favorite things: boxing and referees." --Tracy


  1. How about crazy New York street/subway performers and floppy hats? :)

  2. Of course! Can we get ourselves a time machine and relive that week, please?