Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Third graders are hilarious, part 2

Andrew: Have you ever seen a piranha, Miss Anderson?
Me: I have, in an aquarium.
Andrew: Did you know if you ran into a piranha, it would lap up all your flesh?
Me: All my flesh?
Andrew: Including your bones.

Andrew: Did you see our new class hamster?
Me: I sure did. What's his name?
Andrew: We haven't voted on a name yet, but I think he needs three names.
Me: Like a first, middle and last?
Andrew: Yes. I already thought of them. Fuzzy Tissue Sleeper. Because he is fuzzy, I saw him eat a tissue once, and he likes to sleep. See what I did? I looked at his personality, and I used it to help me pick three names.

Liz: No, I told you, your lizard cannot be the musical guest.
Tracy: Of course not. His album doesn't drop until December.

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