Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The SL,UT Project: Part 2

I skipped last week. Shut up.

For this past Saturday, I looked up a few thrift stores in Salt Lake, because I really like cheap things. The two I found that were closest to campus were called Retro Rose and Misc.

Retro Rose is just a cute little thrift store with mostly decorations, organized by color. There are two floors of just stuff.

...and then my camera ran out of battery. Which is a huge shame, because the orange section was definitely the funnest. The kitschy stuff isn't nearly as cheap at DI, but it's fun. 

There was also this cat that kept walking right in front of me and then stopping, until I tried to walk around it, and then it would lay down and make me pet it. I am not kidding, it did this to me like six times in a row, so it took a really long time to get over to the clothes. 

There isn't a ton of clothing, but there was some pretty fun stuff. It's really too bad my camera died, because there were a lot of things that are kind of a dream come true for me, as a person whose favorite fashion muse is Barbara Feldon on Get Smart.

It's a pretty good place for any aspiring Agent 99, I think. Maybe I'll actually get something there someday when I'm a more adventurous dresser.

Misc. was really fun, too. Also not as cheap as DI, and not a humongous selection, but it was cool to look at the stuff. I used some birthday money to buy a couple sweaters, which was fun.

And so there you go. Once again, if anyone knows of something fun they want to do with me in Salt Lake sometime, let me know. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Third graders are hilarious, part 4

As soon as I walked into the classroom, all the third graders started yelling my name. I thought I was just really popular, until they calmed down and they told me what was going on.

McKayla: It died this morning.
Thomas: We only had it for four weeks.
Luke: He MIGHT be hibernating.
Teacher: He kept running and running on his wheel yesterday and we couldn't get him to stop, and this morning he was dead.
Zoe: It was my turn to take him home tomorrow.
Luke: He might be hibernating!
Thomas: Hamsters only hibernate in the wild!
Zoe: He was cold when we touched him!
Luke: He could still be hibernating!

A moment of silence for Mr. Chubby Cheeks. Also, for the third graders' innocence.

"Pete, can you tell the bald eagle at the zoo to stop scaring me?"            -- Tracy