Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Check and check.

At first glance, this is just a picture of me drinking a Fanta Grape in a classy matching scarf.  Just another teenager taking pictures of herself on Photobooth, right?


Upon closer investigation, one will realize that this picture marks two of my greatest accomplishments: 

1) I knitted that scarf.

2) I am not drinking that grape soda in sin. In fact, today I saved 874 calories for dinner, so I got to splurge a little. It was a celebration of dropping over a pound this week. Watch out, Freshman Fifteen! I'm your worst nightmare!

Following through with my goals is a big deal, folks. Please send money in lieu of back-pats.  

Anyone to find me a 30 Rock quote to go along with this will receive a cash prize. If by "cash prize," you mean a hug. And if by "a hug," you mean a smile. And if by "a smile" you mean nothing.